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Footjob for my stepbrother

My stupid stepbrother barged into my room, claiming that I stole his favorite shirt. He's so full of it! Well, I mean I did find it in the wash, and it's so comfortable, that it's mine now. He's such a jerk, he even tried to take it off of me and saw my boobs! I knew he wanted to see them ever since our parents got married. I actually kind of liked the attention he was giving me, so I decided to return the favor and see what he was packing as well. I showed him my bare pussy, and made him take his cock out for me. It was much nicer than I imaged it would be. I stroked it with my hands and he kept getting harder and harder. I saw the way he always looked at my feet too, and figured he had a fetish. I stroked him with my sexy feet and toes until he couldn’t take it anymore and blew a fat load of cum all over my feet and even my ass! He's such a sucker, I'm even going to make him do my math homework next.

Starring Vera King

Date Added: 01/21/2023
Starring: Vera King
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 11 mins

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