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Step Daddy's girl got rid of mom - for good

I'm so glad we decided to get rid of Mom. Now you and I can be happy together finally and you I won't have to think of you as just my step dad! I can't believe we actually did it! Mom will never get in the way again now that she's gone. I'm so horny now Daddy, can I just play with your cock a little? Let me take it out and play with you Daddy. It's so big, I love stroking you and making you cum in my little hand. I know you won't want to bring anyone else in the picture now, right? It's just you and me... forever. I want to make you cum Daddy, cum for your little girl... or else.

Starring Alex More

Date Added: 08/28/2020
Starring: Alex More
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 15 mins

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