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Step Daddy's girl is a greedy slut

Now that I'm married, I still have needs that my husband can't provide for me Daddy. You're an amazing stepdad, you've always provided for my mom and me, especially me. I love when you spend money on me - the truth is I'm a greedy little bitch and can't get enough money, and I know you can't get enough sex. So let's make a deal - I'll take care of your cock and you take care of my other needs. I can't fuck you anymore because my pussy belongs to my husband now, but my mouth and hands belong to my Daddy. You taught me how to give wonderful blowjobs. Let me take care of you now Daddy. I love stroking and sucking your cock Daddy, give me your cum again please! MMMmmmm yes, thank you Daddy... you're such a bad boy!

Starring Vera King

Date Added: 09/03/2020
Starring: Vera King
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 16 mins

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