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Step Daughter caught camming by Dad

My stepdad caught me camming. I started doing it as soon as I turned 18. I love dressing up and looking pretty for all the men. But I also love the money. I thought I was home alone and fired up the webcam, flirting and having fun my stepdad just barged in. He is always looking at me, I can tell I make his cock twitch. I love it. I asked him to please not tell my step-mom. After all, I live in their house. I told him I would do anything, hoping he was thinking what I was. OH, he was.

He laid on my bed and I pulled my shirt off. I showed him my perfect perky tits and it made him instantly hard. We both got naked, so exciting! I stroked and pulled on his dick. Then putting him close to me I fucked his sexy shaft with my titties. I've seen the way that he peaks at my pretty toes. So I leaned back and ran my feet up and down his cock. Coming back up, spitting to make it super wet, I milked his big step-daddy dick until he came all over my chest. I think I have a new subscriber.

Starring Athena Rayne

Date Added: 09/27/2020
Starring: Athena Rayne
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 12 mins

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