Stepdaughter will do anything to stay with Daddy  |  (Random)

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Stepdaughter will do anything to stay with Daddy

So, I wanted to talk to you about something important. You know, things are so aweful at home right now. Step-Mom won't stop yelling at everyone and I think I heard her say something about another divorce. It's just so hard to be there right now... I was wondering if I could maybe stay here with you for a while. I mean, I can help you out however you need, I just. I love being here with you Step-Daddy. I mean you are my stepdad, and I know it might be a little weird but I just, I really like staying over night with you... you know? I mean, wouldn't it be nice to make this a more permanent arrangement? You and I, we have always had such a special connection. And there are things that I can do for you that don't require me to go get anything, or even leave at all. Step-Daddy... I would love to know what you taste like.

I lay you down next to me and run my hands up and down your pants. I have wanted this for a very long time now Step-Daddy. I know you like these colors, so I wore them just for you. Seeing you lay there makes me so wet... I lean back and spread my legs. Wanna see? I lay back and show you my pretty pink pussy. Sometimes when I masturbate, I think about you. I begin to gently rub my pussy. I want you to touch me like this. I moan as your rub the inside of my thighs and begin to play with my wet little slit. Oh yes Step-Daddy, I love it just like that. I sit up and crawl towards your cock. Come here, I want to taste you. I wrap my hands around your thighs and slide your cock into my mouth. I suck your cock slowly and wrap my tongue around your shaft. I slowly stroke your cock as I continue to suck you. You taste so good Step-Daddy. I want you inside me. I continue to suck your cock desperately. I lay back and put my legs in the air, peeling off my hot pink panties. I spread my legs on either side of you and slide my pussy all the way up to your cock. I stroke your cock and slide the tip of your cock against my clit. Yes Step-Daddy, I want it so bad. I press my pussy forward as you shove the tip of your big fat cock into my pussy. I Slide myself up and down on your cock until I cum all over your cock. I climb off you and quickly shove your cock in my mouth. You taste so good Step-Daddy, I love sucking my cum off this cock. I sit between your legs and start to stroke your cock. All the way up and all the way down, getting faster and faster as I feel the cum building in your shaft. I want you to cum for me Step-Daddy, cum all over me! I stroke and stroke until you shoot your big fat load all over me! I needed that Step-Daddy. Thank you for letting me stay.

Starring Victoria Voxxx

Date Added: 04/09/2023
Starring: Victoria Voxxx
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 14 mins

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