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Mom told me your cock was big Step Daddy

Hey Dad, I was talking to Mom the other night and she told me something really interesting. She told me that you have a really big cock - much bigger than my real father's. Is that true? Can I see? Oh, it is big! Much bigger than my boyfriends. I want to touch it - don't worry, Mom won't find out.

It feels so nice, I bet you taste good too - wanna feel your little girl's mouth on your cock Daddy? Yum! You taste amazing - I want your cum Daddy. Feel my huge tits - they're nicer than Mom's aren't they? You're making me so wet - let me slide my mouth all the way down your big dick Daddy. I bet I can make you cum better than Mom does - cum for me Daddy - feed your little girl.

Starring Skyler Snow

Date Added: 11/05/2020
Starring: Skylar Snow
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 10 mins

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