Stepmom is tired of your lazy ass  |  (Random)

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Stepmom is tired of your lazy ass

Your stepmom is super hot. She's athletic with big tits and red hair and is all you can think about. You would rather spend your day jerking off thinking about her than actually doing anything like getting a job. It's time for it to end though, she's so tired of doing everything for you. So, she realized it's time to take things into her own hands - so to speak. She knows that you just sit around and jerk off, so she's going to humiliate you by stroking your cock. What would your friends think if they knew that you are so pathetic that your stepmom jerks your cock for you! She seems to like it though, she likes embarrassing you and she's going to jerk your cock until you finally get off your ass and get a job! Good plan, Stepmom.

Date Added: 01/30/2023
Starring: Sophia Locke
Company: ErosArts
Running Time: 16 mins

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