Babysitting adopted Niece gives me a hand

My sister decided to adopt her foster daughter. Now that she is a young adult, she needs to make some money for college. My sister asked if she could be a live-in nanny for us since my wife just had a new baby. This girl has always flirted with me. When my sister asked if she could stay with us for a while, I knew it was trouble. But I like to help out and hey if I got to watch a sexy little slut walk around my house...even better. I couldn't believe that my wife was okay with it! She looks like my wife did 20 years ago, but better. After a week of seeing her eye my cock and walk in on me in the bathroom, I made the decision to see if the water was warm. I sent my wife and offspring to the movies and said I had "work to do" that I would stay home. I walked in my nieces room just to see how she would react with us being alone. Within minutes my pants were off my cock in her hand. I was so hard it felt like it was going to split in two. Spitting and pulling on my cock and pulling her tits out begging for my cum and telling me how dirty she is, I fire hosed a ginormous load all over her young pretty chest. I think Iím going to have a lot of "work from home" days with my new naughty babysitter. Starring Zoey Foxx

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